Stripes With Print?

Hey fellas, today wanna post a new look again and I kinda confuse about what the fuck I want to wear for the photoshoot? So I can show the world WHAT KIND of look is that. So I decided to choose my BATIK BATWING again and yes previously, I’ve posted some kind like batik batwing but is not a totally batik. It’s more like collage of flower and various colour so they’re seem like batik.

So, about this, I have no idea what kind of bottom to match the batwing. Jeans? Too general. Skirts? No way, I don’t have one btw. Legging? That's the biggest thing that I want to do, because in my entire life I never wearing legging. On the other side I have 6 leggings and I guess they’re all unemployed. Maybe this is the time.

Without any doubt, I choose STRIPES, and sounds ridiculous because the batwing have crowded prints and i only remember the stripes legging. Creepy as hell, i took that legging out of my drawer and

So the top is definitely from RARA JONGRANG handmade and i can't tell you more about it because it's a long story. But the point is, I RECOMMEND IT! A LOT!

I look like a bitch from The Ring Movie

I don't even notice my lil bro looks like K-Pop Star. HIS EYES!

I hope my looks are inspiring you guys, and don't be afraid to say something here or my profile (whatever it is)

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