Sweety Red

Do you notice my header?

Yup, it's my looks on LOOKBOOK once again.

And this is kinda scary look because i look really uncomfortable with this outfit. It's all about SASSY RED baby! And i wanna tell you about this red look, all about the stuff around here, and what is it feels like to be in this photo.

Okay, so i wanna start with tthe TOP

The Layered Top is call PONCHO, a lil bit looks like Table Rug but ME GUSTA! When i wearing this thing, i always remember Mexican Guys playing their guitar with their lovely bold mustache, yummy (?) lol. I kinda love 'em, cute with no reason, and anyway back to this look

And next is the TANK TOP. It's an ordinary tank top i even don't care because it ain't special and i always wear it when im at home anyway. So yeah, just an ordinary tank top. I hope you hate it

Without a belt, i guess that will be perfect. Even though without belts, i still look cool, but WTF is goin on?! Those belts didn't even appear on my pict, what a useless! DAMN!  They are braided belts, Black and Yellow (dont sing it!, it's Wiz Khalifa and i like it!)

Last but no shit, i mean least, THE SASSY SUPER DUPER INCREDIBLE  RED LEGGING. I bough it trough my friend, i bought 2, blue and red, and yeah, very eccentric. Neon is IN right now. Also don't forget about the bangles, BAM! Golden and Black Bangles. I don't even care about what i have to wear as my jewelry, i just seeing around and when i found a good stuff i take them and make 'em in charge in force.

The MAKE-UP are soosimple. I just make them retro. Red lipstick, cat eye or wing eyeliner, and a lil bit smoky dark brown also highlite. And, yeah if you wondering why i have a strong jawline i was born that way and recently people say that i getting skinnier skinnier day by day. I dont know, maybe i am too depress about some stuff.O well, anyway, i dont have any bronzer, and yeah that's me

OOOO YEAAAAA!!! Almost forgot. The GORGEOUS NAIL POLISH is by O.P.I call No Room for The Blues. I don't really like blue, but this colour is sexier than RED. Trust me.

Well, the ANKLE BOOTS are from my mother's wardrobe, so that's never interesting at all
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  1. I love the tights! That looks so cool :)

  2. I love this outfit! And such lovley photos!


  3. nice post laras..
    follow your blog already,
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  4. hey all thanks for the comment i do love you