Tripod Problem

Actually i really mad because i never found my tripod's dock and i have planned i am going to buy a new tripod. But, when i got home from concert, i have found the dock in my motorbike's baggage. FOR THIS ENTIRE WHOLE LIFE?? Are you fucking kidding me? Damn dock, at least i have found you and it's time to shut up and have some fun with my tripod.

I hug my tripod and ask my cousin, Elma, to join the photo shoot. And she looks gorgeous with her PONCHO like mine and that adorable bag from Adorable Project Indonesia. And i got a shoot which really similar to Fashion Magazine like ELLE maybe

 Mean while, i just stuck with a blue-purple one piece call jumpsuit.
And obviously, my sister have that jumpsuit too, but hers is orange-yellow. AND WTAF! My cousing has it too! In a good way, we are the Floral Jumpsuit Sisterhood. In a bad way, that it's so mainstream

Okay, for this look is kinda simple because i just decide casual day outfit that will be sweet to wear it everywhere, except work in a material store, or maybe you have your own exceptional for that. And honestly this is my actual style, because sometimes i use this look when i'm really lazy.

Apparel: Floral Jumpsuit
Accessories: Candies Bracelet, Messori Watch and Rayban Sunglasses
Nail Polish: O.P.I No Room for The Blues
Bag: Braided Blue Bag
Shoes: CROCS in Flats

And yeah, i have so much fun with my camera again because of my lovely dock. Thanks God!
So yeah guys, thanks for reading once again, don't forget to comment and visit my other links to catch up with me on the other side :D

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  1. love the jumpsuit :)