People in Style: Elma Lucyana C

Now you're 17th, you'll become a grown up lady. I love you so much. And i can't wait to see you, because now I've moved to Surabaya :(

There are a lot of stuff that i will make with you if you beside me. God bless you
And i remember your interview! Yeay! Ok so here we come. Interview with my cousin (she's on lookbook.nu too)

Name: Elma Lucyana Christin
Born: 30th august 1994
Occupation: blogger/geek student
Motto: fashion is everyone’s freedom!

Hi, how are you doing?

Hey there ☺ im pretty fine, thanks. hbu? I just returned from a vacation in Jakarta, as usual u know. Honestly I was hoping u were there with me so we could spend days with shopping and hunting good stuffs together again!

Tell me about yourself

umm actually nothing special about myself. Im just a geek student that still study in highschool and really love to mix such patterns like pastel, beige, khaki and some another classy colors. I don’t really like to take a pict of myself, just depends on my mood. Besides, I like to dressed classically, a bit girly but preppy, and im addicted to floral prints. Fashion is like a part of my life, it feels so amazing when I get dressed with my own mixed style, and feeling comfortable in it.

The Hard Times of Me and Hers, webcam is so amazing

Tell me about your style 
I enjoy some calm colors like beige, crème and browny things. I like to wear something comfortable, and looks nice in me. Floral patterns are definitely my style, and I also adore laces. Absolutely girly!

Who is/are your inspirations and why? 
honestly you’re ONE of some people that inspired me a lot! you have your own style, and great ideas. I love your taste of music and how you get dressed. And I really love when you tried to wear floral patterns and it was just looks so cool on you. You’re a rockin’ lady but still lookin hot in another femme and girly materials.

What's your opinion about Lara (me, yeay!) 

Besides you’re the preetiest sister I’ve ever had, you’re sooo great in picking colors, and u can make ordinary outfits looks so cool on u because you’re so fuckin kewl!

Some words for me and the readers 
it’s really sad to know that you’re going to move from bontang to Surabaya for study. i’ve never being so far from you in a very long time before, so I think that I’ll miss you a lot, sist. You’re not only ‘the stunning one’ for me, you’re also one of a few people that can make me LAUGHED a lot, you’re good at telling jokes and you told me lots things that I don’t even know before.. so remember to visit me in bontang sometimes, ok? And I HOPE that you’ll always be the STUNNING Lara I know, and the last I hope that you can be everyone’s inspiration too, cause u girl had that style so keep rawkin’ gurrrll :3
umm ok I think that’s all, sorry for my bad English btw heh

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  1. <3333 soo glad being in here :)) love u alwayss