My New Hair

Long time no post finally I'm back! Yeay!

And this time i wanna share something amazing and actually it's kinda common in fashionista but it's really werid to be seen, because , I've cut my hair with Rihanna hairstyle, Cassie too.It's called Buzz. Or skinhead. Whatever.

I really satisfied with my new hair.There are some inspiration when i cut my hair.

And here we go!

So what do you think about my new haircut? In my place (Indonesia), people rarely find this. Especially in my city, Bontang, East borneo. People will see you with weird stares lol. In Surabaya, people see me differently, they were just like 'see that girl with her hair?' and it's amazing to be different and strange :D

I hope you'll think different and don't be afraid for being different guys! Be who you are and don't ever look back. Whatever people say about you, ignore them is the best thing. I'll be your side to support you. See you in another oddity XD