Nutrition Finally!

Guess what, my father was in Surabaya and im so excoited cause what? I can eat whatever i want like pizza, steak, and other expensive foods lol. So, i joined my father sleep in a hotel and my sleep was really well at that time. I really can't denied it, IT'S SO COMFORTABLE IN A HOTEL! Bwahahaha, thanks God

So i enjoy ate in hotel's restaurant and fixed my nutrition back! For whole college's life, my eat schedule was fuckin ruined my life and my mind

My Father's Cup

And this is my cup (is that necessary?)

Yum Yum!

B**** Sittin' Beside The Pool


I was thinking about something i don't know. Fool

This is what i call breakfast. The sauce, the chicken. Completed my day *drool*

F*** that hungry face! lol

So yeah that's my time with my father when he was in work duty in Surabaya. I hope my father will be back another time with some foods *hoping*

I hope you guys have a nice day as mine. And don't forget to spend your time with your family and eat your breakfast <3

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